Aux Éditions du Phare

A publishing house committed to the How to Talk approach


Aux Éditions du Phare (A.E.P.) is an exclusive publishing house, created for the sole purpose of translating and distributing Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish work. Roseline Roy, the founder, has worked directly with the authors since the beginning, and is committed to preserving their work with passion and integrity. Over the years, she has surrounded herself with a very nice little Franco-Canadian team. Get to know the team


Stay integral

Our first commitment is naturally towards the authors: to preserve their work and to try to respect their values and wishes as much as possible. The intention of the authors was, and still is, to make their tools accessible throughout the world. They want to promote adult/child communication and thus contribute to the development of young and old alike.

Provide quality service

As a human-sized publishing house, we are committed to staying close to people. Our trusted employee, Bianca, makes it tries to respond quickly and as well as possible to your requests. Helping out and finding solutions is a second nature to her. She is therefore the one on the other side of the address [email protected] to answer you directly or forward the request to the appropriate person.

Preserve the environment

Aux Éditions du Phare (A.E.P.) is based in New Brunswick, Canada. The Francophonie is vast and dispersed throughout the world. We print our books in various places in order to limit our carbon footprint. We therefore have printers in Canada and in France. Many of our books are also available as eBooks and audiobooks. Whenever possible, we choose local partners and maintain lasting relationships.


Aux Éditions du Phare (A.E.P.) is a company with heart: Roseline Roy wanted to make the How to Talk approach accessible to the Francophonie around the world, with an altruistic goal. To do this, she was able to give a chance and her confidence in passionate people who now constitute a motivated team.
The sale of Faber-Mazlish works is therefore largely used for: the creation and support of a Francophone network throughout the world, the setting up of this website, the distribution of a YouTube channel, and numerous actions “in the field” less visible but just as important. As the authors say, “It is our hope to create a community of adults who share ideas and support each other in our most important task: raising the next generation.”


We speak the truth! We don’t aim to seduce or please in order to sell more. We are convinced that Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s material is sufficient and can be presented as is, without sugar coating it (even with chocolate!). Every decision is therefore made keeping this guideline. The workshops developed by the authors, which continue and which we still carry, convey this authenticity thanks to the commitment of workshop leaders.


We love connecting with people. It is important and natural for us to maintain good relationships with our partners, and for them to last over time. Printers, webmasters, graphic designers, illustrators… All of them have been working with us almost since the beginning of the adventure. And every member of the team feels involved in what we like to call between us: “the cause”.


If you have read our commitments and our values, you will not be surprised by our first mission: contributing to a better world. Just that ! By participating in the distribution of this valuable material, we are doing our part for humanity. Accompanying adults and children to harmonize human relationships is a great project; we are working to put the tools of this construction in everyone’s hands: the How to Talk approach, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.


Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish started the movement over 40 years ago with their famous workshops. They have made leading those workshops possible for everyone with their “turnkey” guides. We are continuing this movement in the Francophonie today. We want to allow each person to lead workshops if they wish, in their own way and with respect for the authors’ work. We work hard to support the workshop leaders in their endeavour, among other things with the creation of this website, created to help anyone interested in the How to Talk approach: parents, workshop leaders, childcare professionals, teachers…

Open up to the world

The authors are American, therefore English-speaking. Roseline Roy has provided access to the French-speaking world through her translation work. And the French-speaking world has no fewer than 200 million people! The How to Talk approach has already been sown in multiple regions of the world to date: French-speaking Canada, French DOM-TOM, Morocco, Algeria, Togo… as well as in countries where French-speaking communities are present such as: Spain , Russia, Mexico, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, English Canadian provinces, South America… We want to continue to sow seeds wherever we can. And it is because there are many of us that this is possible, as the famous saying goes: “Alone, we go higher. Together, we go further.” If you want to join our incredible journey, write to us: [email protected]